Les Racines du Ciel

« It’s a simple
question of humanity »

– Romain Gary



« Le renouveau a toujours été
d’abord un retour aux sources. »

– Romain Gary



The Journal is the space where we share our passions and our vision of the future.

Open letter - 27 November 2019

The origin of our alpaca sweaters

Following her trip to Peru, Racines du Ciel co-founder Nathalie Goyette introduces us to alpacas, their environment and the production chain for this excellent fibre which is at the origin of Racines du Ciel’s eco-friendly and ethical line of sweaters.

Zoom on - 25 November 2019

When your synthetic clothes pollute on a daily basis

Protecting our environment is a subject that is vitally important to us and we know the world of fashion is not the ‘cleanest’ of sectors. However, beyond the pollution caused through production, did you know that your clothes can be a daily source of pollution?

If I were…with Nathalie & Christian

In this “ENCOUNTERS” section, we are honouring people who share the vision of Les Racines du Ciel, whether they are partners, collaborators, friends, artists or simply in tune with the way we look at our profession, our epoch. To launch this section, we are ready to play ‘If I were?’ Les Racines du Ciel style!

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