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The Journal is the space where we share our passions and our vision of the future.

If I were…with Nathalie & Christian

If I were…with Nathalie & Christian In this "ENCOUNTERS" section, we are honouring people who share the vision of Les Racines du Ciel, whether they are partners, collaborators, friends, artists or simply in tune with the way we look at our profession, our epoch. To launch this section, we are ready to play ‘If I ...

Textile companies commit

Textile companies commit This ‘OPEN LETTER’ section allows us to go beyond clothing in our commitments. "We want poppies" is a call to ban all pesticides. As a reminder, pesticides kill the land and animals, and the link with cancer has now been established. Since cotton is the crop that uses the most pesticides (24% ...

Romain Gary’s letter to an elephant

Our first ‘FOCUS ON’ is dedicated to one of our favourites, Romain Gary’s ‘Letter to an elephant’, first published in March 1968 in Figaro Littéraire. It invites us to find our inner child, to question ourselves about our hyper-materialistic societies which devour everything, animals, plants…even our own humanism.
Literary, emotional and lucid, please take the time to read the letter, it’s truly beautiful.

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