Egyptian Giza cotton, cotton of excellence

“As with fruit and vegetables – compare bland hybrid tomatoes with ultra-tasty pineapple tomatoes – cotton comes in different varieties with different qualities.”

Not all cottons are equal

The quality of cotton depends on the seeds, climate, soil and the way it is grown.

The quality of cotton is evaluated according to the length of its fibres:
For top of the range cotton, the extra-long fibres measure at least 35 mm, while for standard cotton, they are less than 22 mm.

The best quality cottons with long and extra-long fibres are SUVIN from India, SUPIMA from the United States, PIMA from Peru and GIZA cotton from Egypt.
At Les Racines du Ciel, we also demand that our cotton is grown in an ecological way because conventional cotton is a major consumer of pesticides (accounting for around 25% of the pesticides used in the world), bringing with it all the now widely recognised collateral damage on the health of workers, soil, fauna and flora.

So, when we source cotton that is organically grown, GOTS certified and of exceptional quality, we consider it a treasure and relish the pleasure of working with it.


Our Egyptian GIZA cotton
A few years ago, we discovered Egyptian Giza cotton offering exceptional qualities that we now use for our summer sweaters.


It is notable for being particularly silky, uniform and resistant. It is an extra-long staple cotton which represents less than 0.5% of Egyptian cotton production, which itself represents less than 0.5% of world production!
Each cotton ball is picked by hand as it matures, in contrast to conventional cotton which is harvested mechanically just the once. Giza cotton grows in the very fertile soils east of the Nile Delta.
It is the result of a partnership between Egyptian farmers and an Italian company, following a development model that includes social components – respect for the rights and well-being of producers – and ecological ones, in particular making the best use of water resources.


The cotton that we have selected for our summer sweaters is an exceptional cotton, providing each item of clothing with our idea of luxury: beautiful material combined with sustainability, and inseparable from our social and ecological values.