Sheldrick Wildlife Trust : An orphanage for elephants

“While researching elephants, I discovered a report highlighting the admirable work of the Sheldrick Orphanage in Kenya.Today, we are sharing a real favourite of ours and what is an important commitment for us.”.

«Dogs are no longer enough. People feel awfully lonely, they need another source of company: they need something bigger, stronger, that can really hold up. No, dogs are not enough, at least elephants are needed”

Les Racines du Ciel (The Roots of Heaven) – Romain Gary

Towards a return to the wild

All the orphanage’s baby elephants share a tragic history linked to the loss of their mothers, through accidents and also as a result of conflicts and ivory poachers.It takes 10 years for an elephant calf to become autonomous as they have a development rate roughly similar to humans. Before they turn 10, they cannot survive on their own. At the orphanage, the older baby calves supervise the younger ones and when they are ready for the big departure, they return to the bush. Some return to the orphanage for a visit, years later with their offspring. Such was the case with Chyulu.

© Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Sponsors of a baby elephant 

Since I discovered the orphanage, the Christmas present I always give to my nieces is the sponsorship of a baby elephant. The first time, they were moved to tears, despite their distance from the orphanage and the virtual nature of the present.

Today, Les Racines du Ciel is a donor and is subscribed as a partner of the Sheldrick Foundation.

The importance of the foundation

Founded in 1977 by Daphne Sheldrick, the roles of the orphanage go far beyond rescuing baby elephants. They also encompass combatting poaching, protecting the natural environment, raising community awareness, consideration of animal welfare issues and providing veterinary assistance to animals in need as well as the rescue of other species that will one day return to the wild.There are approximately 350,000 elephants left in Africa and around 35,000 die each year, mainly due to ivory.

You can also be a sponsor : Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Nathalie Goyette – Co-founder of Les Racines du Ciel