When your synthetic clothes pollute on a daily basis

Protecting our environment is a subject that is vitally important to us and we know the world of fashion is not the ‘cleanest’ of sectors. However, beyond the pollution caused through production, did you know that your clothes can be a daily source of pollution?

The real problem with synthetic clothing

Synthetic clothing and the materials used to make it are highly polluting. Indeed, each wash of a polyester or acrylic garment releases around 2,000 micro-particles which are less than 1 millimetre in size. These particles are so fine that they cannot be retrieved in sewage treatment plants and end up in rivers, estuaries and oceans.

Pollution linked to the use of synthetic materials

So, synthetic clothing ends up polluting water invisibly yet continuously. And these polyester and acrylic micro-particles pass through aquatic living organisms including fish, crustaceans and seaweed, finishing up on our plates and in our bodies.

The solution is closer than we think

The only solution? Forget synthetic clothing and seek out clothes made exclusively with natural fibres, such as cotton, linen and alpaca, material that we use for our clothing at Les Racines du Ciel.