Les Racines du Ciel

« And so, dear Elephant, sir, we are finding ourselves, you and I, in the same boat, pushed by the same powerful wind of total rationalism toward oblivion. In a truly materialistic and realistic society, poets, writers, artists, dreamers and elephants are a mere nuisance. »

– Romain Gary

The total rationalism evoked by Romain Gary means that anything goes. So, the fashion industry has become the second most polluting sector behind oil. It also forces the majority of people working in the textile industry into quasi-slavery and reduces animals to the rank of raw materials.

So we began to dream of a clothing line that would be good for us.

By putting respect for humans, animals and nature at the heart of our garments, we have chosen to create timeless, quality clothing that we love to wear over time.

We also think of all our customers and want to revive an emotional bond through our clothing: by making them aware of its value, its social and environmental components, we want it to naturally support a way of life, to live better with less.